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Interview Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010!!

par Island Slalom Tour 10 Juin 2014, 22:30 INTERVIEW Bodyboard

Partons en Australie à la découverte d'un rider bien cool et qui envoie du paté!Il s'appelle Jon Capilli et il est aujourd'hui en interview sur le site de l'Island Slalom Tour!!



Could you describe you in few line?


my name is Jon Capilli , I am outgoing happy and very blessed !!, I have a beautiful daughter and a hot girlfriend who has also won the aussie pro tour., I enjoy staying fit thru surfing, bodyboarding, judo and jui jitsu !!!!! plus im blessed to call guys like Damian King my friend.


Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010

When did you started bodyboarding and why?


i started wave riding in the early 1980's , I was just following my older brothers.


Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 10

What do you prefer in bodyboarding! prone or Drop knee and Why?



prone or dropknee ??? mmmm , I don't care really I just do whatever the wave tells me to do, I like to have a good blend of both !!!


Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 11

Where do you live ! is it a good place?



I currently live in Cronulla, Sydney ,Australia...it is a good place to be , I can walk to shark island !!


Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 15

What is your best result in contest?


my best comp result is winning the iba Australasian pro tour dropknee in 2010....


Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 19

What is the craziest meal that you eat during a surf trip?



the craziest thing ive eaten on a surf trip is an oyster that was growing on a sewerage pipe !!


Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 2

Do you often ride skateboards?



I do ride a sk8 board , I used to manage a sk8 shop and sk8 ramp and street..., but now days I have a board with a super loose front truck called a street surfer It is like riding a surfboard , no pushing you can just pump it and gain speed....



Island Slalom Tour is a series of skateboarding contests on tiny french islands where nobody has ever skated! We are as Captain cook at Hawaii in 1600! Except we have now motor boats and concrete roads... What do you think about this?


your island slalom tour sounds really cool watching those guys go round those corners at that speed is crazy... especially when the road hurts so much more than water. 1

Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 3

What is your biggest Wipe Out?


my biggest wipeout,,, I have 2 , my worst injury was from the breakwall at port Macquarie ,where I kind of broke my back and couldn't walk for a couple of months, 2, I went over the falls at 6 foot shark island and got 6 stitches in my head.

Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 5

One morning, you wake up ,You arrive in your kitchen and suddenly,you see a genius in wetsuit! He say:” Hey Jon, I can offer you 2 magic gifts if you give me a bottle of milk! What do you say?


2 magic wishes,,, well I would stop worlk hunger , and I would get a wallet that never ran out of money..

Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 6

If you had the choice between these situations: A surf-Trip 9 months in Belgium A domino-course of 3 weeks at Loudeac town in brittany http://www.deltajeux.com/Jeux-de-domino.html Locking-24h in a cage with a gorilla a bit edgy. Which you choose and why?


Belgium, it sounds nice, but is there even water there ???

Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 7

How would you define a good session ?


I would define a good surf session as one with fun waves with friends or strangers.....

Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 8

Do you have sponsors?

I am sponsored by DUNES wetsuits and EMERALD surf shop in Cronulla.

Jon Capilli, Australian Drop Knee Champion 2010 12

A last Word ?



my last words are thankyou for the interview, stay positive, have fun, and remember you reap what you sew !!!!!!! thankyou Jon.....




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