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Interview Jeff Hubbard, double champion du monde de bodyboard

par Island Slalom Tour 27 Décembre 2011, 09:47 INTERVIEW Bodyboard

Jeff Hubbard est double champion du monde de bodyboard,a gagné 3 fois à Pipe!!il vient d'Hawaii! C'est un rider qui est connu pour avoir un gros smile,il aime les voyages,les rencontres,les bons repas entre amis,les gros tubes!



When and where did you arrive on earth?

@honolulu hawaii 3 decades ago


Like me! 30 years! the age of reason and wisdom!

!Could you describe you in few line?

blond hair blue eyes smiling bodyboarder


When did you discover bodyboarding?

I discovered with my family and friends on the beaches in hawaii


So you started on the Hawaiian beach where  you still live

,is it the best place for you?

Yes hawaii is my home i love it here.


You travel a lot! What is your best souvenir when travelling ?

I enjoy traveling and the people i meet are my best souvenir.


What is your best victory in bodyboarding?

Pipeline 2007


I remember it was a beautiful victory.

Do you skate practice skateboarding?

No I can't even ollie  .


Island Slalom Tour is a series of skateboarding contests on tiny french islands where nobody has ever skated! We are as Captain cook at Hawaii in 1600! Except we have now motor boats and concrete roads... What do you think about this?

Very cool and hard core !! go for it fellas


I am very flattered by what you say my friend.We are more “very cool” tha, ‘Hard Core”!!

What is your biggest Wipe Out?

When i broke my back nov 2010 that sucked


How would you define a good session ?

If i come with a smile on my face it was a good session


Yeah I agree with you! It is the best indicator!

What is your device?

41 hubb


What are your sponsors?

ocean current, vertra, 662 mob, bz, churchill , agent eighteen.


What are your project for 2012 ?

traveling on the world tour


Yeah! It is a good project and we wish you good luck! Warning Armaury and Pierre-Louis are motivated for the title in 2012!


Hubb's Website:




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