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Interview Todd Grigson , Free Bodyboarder from Australia!

par Island Slalom Tour 14 Avril 2014, 22:41 INTERVIEW Bodyboard

Direction l'Australie à la découverte d'un rider qui envoie du bois!Il s'appelle Todd et il est aujourd'hui en interview sur le site de l'Island Slalom Tour!


Could you describe you in few line?



I'm a pretty simple dude that thrives on the ocean and anything to do with it.





When did you started bodyboarding and why?



it's funny actually because my brother Cale was a professional surfer from the age of 16/17 which was a huge influence on me growing up. I got in to bodyboarding when i was around the age of 12/13 and use to froth going down to my local beachie and would just go straight out in anything.




What do you prefer in bodyboarding! prone or Drop knee and Why?


definitely prone because drop knee is just too hard haha.


Where do you live ! is it a good place?



i live in a mellow town called Albany situated in the south of western Australia. It'd s really amazing place down here its so untouched and there's lots of coast to explore, you've just gotta be keen. there's some good waves around here like the more known set ups, The Right and Rons but if your up for a bit of driving you might just find a few waves to yourself



What is your best result in contest?



I've never really gotten in to contest for various reason. When i was younger i competed in a few local comps and won the U16s division and then won the open division the year after but that's about it.


What is the craziest meal that you eat during a surf trip?



luckily i haven't had to eat anything to gnarly on most of my surf trips, but i can tell you when i was in south oz early 2013 all i ate enough pasta to kill someone haha



Indepth Pictures Luke Pitman

Do you often ride skateboards?



if it wasn't for bodyboarding I'd probably be a full time skater! whenever the surf inst the best around here, which is usually the whole length of summer, i love to go skate a few local bowls with my mates.



Island Slalom Tour is a series of skateboarding contests on tiny french islands where nobody has ever skated! We are as Captain cook at Hawaii in 1600! Except we have now motor boats and concrete roads... What do you think about this?



haha i think that's really awesome! it doesn't matter where you are in this world you just have to find the things that make you stoked and do them, in a way i can relate because the town i was born in is very small and you've gotta choose yourself what you want without anyone really pushing you towards it.


What is your biggest Wipe Out?



my worst beat down would be at a local bombie where i got lipped on the head on a 6footer and was pushed extremely deep, blew my ear drum underwater then eventually came to the surface seeing stars and didn't really know what was going on haha.



Ryan Munday

One morning, you wake up ,You arrive in your kitchen and suddenly,you see a genius in wetsuit! He say:” Hey Jeff, I can offer you 2 magic gifts if you give me a bottle of milk! What do you say?



i'd reply, Sup dude why are you wearing a wetsuit in my house? haha i would reluctantly give him the milk and proceed to ask him what the magic gifts are that this mysterious wetsuit genius has to offer me



If you had the choice between these situations: A surf-Trip 9 months in Belgium A domino-course of 3 weeks at Loudeac town in brittany Locking-24h in a cage with a gorilla a bit edgy. Which you choose and why?



i'd have to go with the caged gorilla! i think it would be a bit of a challenge haha



How would you define a good session ?



i good session for me would be in some heavy 6ft reefy with a bunch of my good mates. i froth on watching my friends pull in to bombs just as much i do myself


Mason Finlay

Do you have sponsors?



no sponsors but for me i would be so stoked if someone out there would want me to wear there brand


A last Word ?



i'd like to say thanks for the interview. i know its not riptide or le boogie but i appreciate you taking the time to find me, the unknown bodyboarder from the other side of the world, and asking for my two cents. keep ripping to everyone that bodyboards out there. cheers



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