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Interview Oscar Meza , Skater Pro From Los Angeles

par Island Slalom Tour 17 Juin 2013, 10:14 INTERVIEW Skate

Direction la Californie à la découverte d'un skateur Pro que j'ai découvert sur une vidéo de boardslide de folie!!Aujourd'hui,il est sur le site de l Island Slalom Tour en interview!!!


Could you describe you in few line?


Well my names Oscar Meza,I'm 21 years old. I'm from Los Angeles CA where the grass is always green! I'm just another lost sole on this planet trying to stay happy.



When did you started Skateboarding and why?


I started skating at the age of 10,my older brother skated so he would always sit my younger and I and push us around so it elevated from that to actually wanting to ride it and well the journey began.




What do you prefer in skateboarding! bowl/street?



I grew up skating the streets so definitely street skating. But bowl skating is dope too.





Where do you live ! is it a good place?


I live a little south of downtown LA and it isn't the greatest place but it is why it is.




What is your favourite rider?



Too many beast out there to just have a favorite skater if that's what you're asking




What is your best result in contest?



I suck at contest



What is the craziest meal that you eat during a surf trip?



I don't take surf trips...





Do you have sponsors?


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