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Interview Dent 2 du Gscrew , Graffeur from Puerto Rico!

par Island Slalom Tour 19 Janvier 2014, 22:32 INTERVIEW Graffiti

L'artiste du jour en interview!!!


Your blaze (name graffiti)?


Hi!..... I write Dent 2 Gscrew P.R...





Your first graffiti (what year? Where? With that?)


My first piece was on 2007 , under a highway bridge in Aguas Buenas Puerto Rico ...




Why the graffiti as a form of expression?


graffiti let me be myself...l
I ’m in love with the fact that we can do art on the streets , and nobody has a clue about who made it ..
Freedom of arts ..




Where do you like most maked graffiti?



I like to paint everywhere ... I mean everywhere ,,, any surface .. . I dont care about the spots .. .. I just want to paint my name and do whatever I had to do on the background , have a nice time with my family or whoever I’m painting that day and keep going...
But I do like when crazy ass bombers from P.R., go straight up to bilboards,, roof tops, etc. to do their pieces, blocks , etc., to show their art.... that shit is impresive bro.. I respect them for that ....
Shouts to ...KOB ( Deso R.I.P.)....IBE...BTA...NMK...CAMO..DTR...RSB...NBM...TKM.. and all of them





You're pretty focused on the letter? The characters? The color? The graphics? Forms?



I’m always focus on letters , I think thats what I do best .... but now, I will get into backrounds and characters too .. .. I believe that graffiti as evolutionated in so many forms , that I can not stay only in letters .. I like to challenge myself for new things




How would you define your style?



I consider my style as wildstyle.... But I like 3ds too .. . maybe I get into 3d s later on..nobody knows...
An important meeting that motivated your work
There is so many great writers in Puerto Rico ...
I ‘m honored that I had the oportunity to meet P.R old schools writers .. like BLEN 167 BNA, SKE & REK FX, EKC4 , BEX, FLAVOR & RIC, HOT CRU, LINKONE ,TESE, 00725 etc. some of this writer has been here since the begining.... thats why I respect them so much and I think that I get motivated by them to keep painting , because all of these writers still bringing hot stuff to their walls .....
And of course when I met my family .Graffiti Soldiers Crew (G.S.C.) ... (SPIE 93, BRET 787, My beautifull wife ..Ms POK..., Keg 3..TESE....LINK

ONE...ALL One ..DNERO..ABC...Blen 167)





What is the role of graffiti in your life?



My family ... I mean My wife is a writer (Ms.POK) hope my 3 yrs. old son like it too.... I do teach graffiti to lil’ kids on my hood but just because I like it .. I dont get paid for that ... ... Your sources of inspiration?
I get inspired by the hip hop scene on my island .. it keeps me experimenting new things and keep rocking walls..




Dedications course?!



To my FAMILY... my Wife ... My beautifull MOTHER R.I.P... and to everybody that has been with me ... or been part of my progress during all this time ...they all know who they are no need to mention...
Shouts to all Puerto Ricos Crews ..
... BNA...KTS...CAMO...FX...NST…FRESH..CBA....NMK...HOT.....BTA...NBM....F2D...DEA...MGC...IBE ..HD..XTS..OI..HT...SI.....etc.
And to the staff from this site for making this interview posible peace and respect to all thank you ...Dent2 GSC ..BNA...KTS

















Academy In Puerto Rico 05/05/2016 09:45

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