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9.81 boards, shapeur de longskate suisse!

par Island Slalom Tour 9 Juillet 2014, 00:07 Matos-Geekeries

Une super marque de longskate suisse!



9.81 is a longboard manufacturer from Switzerland, we make handmade wooden boards and classic luge especially made for people who like to have something steady and solid under their feet. The company is runned by the Robert brothers (Nicolas and Cedric), who are competing in World Cups since many years and have shared their love of making boards since the beginning.
Unfortunately we don't have a web site yet since we are a little company, but you can order by mail at the following adress:

(or you can try cdrc.robert@hotmail.com or n.robert9.81@gmail.com if you don't receive any answer)

If you have any questions you can send us a message on Facebook or write us an email and we will answer with pleasure! Don't hesitate.
The prices for the boards are:

-Isaac: 195€
-Solution: 205€
-Alchemy: 210€
-spaceship: 170€







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