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par Island Slalom Tour 18 Mai 2015, 04:35 Contest -Event Cool


DOWNHILL SKATEBOARD FREERIDE organized by the LoRaLo Kartell in the middle of the Alps, held down on a Place called Tauplitz!

The Road is 5,3 km long. Concrete is pretty new and the corners are banked as hell. Its fast its long its tricky! Riders will all stay together in a big nice Hotel next to the track, there is also a lake in front of the Hotel!! We will be surrounded of one of the most beautifull landscapes you can imagine, its a natural Sanctuary so we keep it CLEAN!

You cant register anymore, we are completly sold out!

In Terms on weather Condition June is the most stable Month up there so we will have sunny days!!

Riderslimit: 140

This thing will be awesome, you better be there!!!

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